Black Market Squid Deals

Diary entry: The chushi had been meeting dark men in the dank, mold ridden alley behind Panda Express, I knew this meant more than some under the books squid deals, no, squid deals are not normally made under such dark conditions, this was much more than black market squid, it was just as slippery though and Paulie was about to wade into the very slime of this Panda Express bucket of ooze, stay close by readers, as Paulie is about to crack one big, ugly oyster, and no one will be safe… Diary entry: Paulie has received communications from readers, some ask “How can Paulie write as he does”, “What authority allows Paulie to use such words, does he have any legitimate education”, well, allow Paulie to point you to the certificate that hangs on his office wall, the diploma that hangs proudly on Paulie’s office wall was issued to him by Free University, Paulie’s diploma says “FU”… Diary entry: Return to “Murder At The Panda Express”, I was speaking to a young busboy, Cantonese, I surmised, he spoke of things I had never heard of, is this “Chinese justice” a real thing or what, this young Chinaman spoke words that made my won tons freeze up, I froze to the booth, Paulie apologizes, he cannot continue on, he must pause here, as the things he heard have chilled him, Paulie feels an intense chill, he cannot continue on… Diary entry: Whew, Paulie has been “potting petunias” the last few days, for those of you who don’t know what “potting petunias” is, Paulie has been in the “lower tier bleacher”, the “low cost seat”, Paulie is politely trying to say that he had been coronated to occupy the “gurgling throne of death”, yes, Paulie has been quite ill, when Paulie inquired of the busboy back at Panda Express, he explained that “one single grain of rice can kill a man”… Diary entry: Hey everybody, “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” is going in a new direction, a whole new direction, because of reader input, readers say Paulie should go somewhere, we will be venturing forth into a new dimension of “Diary” entries, entries you will not believe, nor should you, as many of you are too weak to follow Paulie all the way, Paulie says to all, rest up, get a good night’s sleep, we will be on the trail at sunup, any laggers will be left behind for the coyotes… Diary entry: Paulie isn’t sure what he ate but there is a “wind howling out of the gully”, a “twisting whirlwind raging down tornado alley”, Paulie is trying to keep things more civilized here, allow Paulie to simply say he ate the squid special last night down at the Panda Express, and he has an inner feeling of remorse, this Panda Express murder thing is taking it’s toll on Paulie, Paulie apologizes for any inconvenience… Diary entry: Sad news here at the “Diary”, we have lost our internet adviser, yes, a valuable employee and good friend was lost today, his mother turned him over to the cops, Paulie will not go into the details except to say we need a new adviser… Diary entry: Whew, the salmon Paulie had this evening at Panda Express is swimming downstream with some kind of wild, frenzied desire to reach it’s spawning ground, Paulie feels like the fisherman who has a whale in his boat… Diary entry: Oh how Paulie longs for the old days, the days of innocense when “Diary” entries were clean, sweet, blissful words that caressed one’s innermost child, but now, yes now, oh how Paulie has descended into a deep, dark chasm of self loathing, into a sick foaming brew of bile that is continually spewed out onto innocent people… Diary entry: Paulie’s Late Night Special wasn’t served until after closing time, after closing time at Panda Express, yes, Paulie was served up a dish he hadn’t ordered, a dish he doesn’t like, a dish he could not send back, a dish with your name on it when it is served hot by a man with black onyx button eyes behind buttonhole slits that seem to cut through your very soul, no, there could be no escape this late night at a long ago closed Panda Express, no, this could very well be the end of Paulie’s “Murder At The Panda Express” inquiry into murder, this could be the end of Paulie…


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