A Military Disgrace

Diary entry: Two men approached Paulie, the one guy said “I’m ex marine, he’s ex army”, Paulie is ex cub scout, Paulie had special clearance in the MND, Macaroni Necklace Division, Paulie was drummed out of his pack in disgrace by our den mother Mrs. Fleck, there were boogers on her tablecloth where Paulie had been seated, Paulie could have been exonerated but there was no DNA testing at that time, Paulie had several suspects of the crime, the prime suspect was the kid who wore polka dot trousers, not polka dots, polka dot, his trousers always had one brown polka dot on the rear… Diary entry: Isn’t it just the way, show a person a bright shiny apple and tell them it is rotten through and through, that it is pure stinking crap, they will take a big mouthful anyway, geez people, accept this world as the rotten thing it is but don’t participate in it, just because someone sets a shit pie down on the table, you don’t have to eat the dang thing, if you come across a shit hole, don’t swim it, walk around it, this is Paulie, walking around his main thought so as to not offend too many readers, Paulie wishes shalom to all those he loves, you know who you are, the rest of you, go to hell… Diary entry: Hot steam rose out above the rice cooker, merging with damp, foggy night air, the still air hung over us, around us, within us, what was this thing we found ourselves in, the air was heavy, it was like steel bars, heavy steel bars that wrapped themselves around you like wet underwear, the air was too thick to breathe, a handsome young man stirred, he moved his mouth to speak wisdom, any wisdom that might take our minds off the situation we had found ourselves in, but the movement stopped almost as soon as it began, no wisdom would be heard this night, this dark, damp, dangerous, and ugly night, this dark night so very long ago… Diary entry: Panda Express, early evening, solving a murder case is never easy when everyone is a suspect, when no one can be eliminated, but I promise you, Paulie’s hatchet of justice is gonna fall and fall hard, Paulie will knock this predatory bird off his high perch, Paulie doesn’t like murderous buzzards who think they can sing any song that suits them, this bird will sing his last song, yes, Paulie will write his last song, and he will sing it…


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