High In Ohio

Diary entry: People in the old neighborhood still talk about the Falcon God, yes, Paulie was the Falcon God, the Falcon God’s nest was high in the clouds, the Falcon God flew high and he nested out of sight, no one could approach him, he was unavailable to all but a few fortunate individuals who were able to enter in to his domain, only the few who could attain Paulie’s altitude could reach his nest high in the sky… Diary entry: Paulie remembers the old Carlyle Club, the Carlyle was exclusive, members only, the Carlyle was an old burnt out railway maintenance shed down the track by the abandoned trestle, the days were tight, together, and the nights fell apart, yeah, Paulie remembers the Carlyle Club… Diary entry: This entry will have to wait as Paulie has been hearing a certain phrase he doesn’t know the meaning of, he has been pouring over his etymological dictionaries for the meaning of what people have been calling him, people have been referring to Paulie as a, well, I better find the specific meaning before I go on, I’ll try some etymological slang dictionaries… Diary entry: Mrs. Henderson, a few doors down, her face turned pale, almost white, Mrs. Henderson is not white by nature, no, Mrs. Henderson turned white because that is what Paulie does to some women, yes, it’s true, Paulie drains the color from their faces, they cannot absorb all of Paulie’s intense feelings, yes, Paulie has feelings and Mrs. Henderson knows it… Diary entry: Shankman, Shankman had an auntie who looked exactly like Shankman’s dad, they said it was because of a special family resemblance but I swear, we couldn’t see much difference at all, there were so many similarities, same nose, same limp, same cigarettes, same car… Diary entry: I don’t know what to say to people anymore, all I can think of saying is “I won’t dignify that with an answer”… Diary entry: Yeah, Paulie was always the avid astronomer and Mrs. Henderson has eyes like a thousand starry nights and.. hang on, some one must have left the door ajar at the house across the street, the ferret woman got out and she’s heading this way, when the ferret woman emerges from her den baring her teeth, I know something is up, this “Diary” entry will have to be postponed… Diary entry: Hey now, Paulie certainly can’t be the only one who has been slapped by an elderly Jehovah’s Witness lady who was passing out pamphlets, it was not Paulie’s fault, Paulie did nothing wrong, she enticed Paulie, her sick, twisted, seductive magic overcame Paulie, Paulie will be vindicated… Diary entry: Paulie is losing patience, people keep saying “Maybe you just need a good night’s sleep”, please allow Paulie to say for the last time, “I need more than a good night’s sleep”, well, it has become late night, the waning hours of another day, Paulie is gonna finish his cocoa, call the dogs, let the cat out, and make sure all the windows are closed, Paulie says to all, good night, good dreams and may all your needs be met, shalom…


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