A Typical Wednesday Out In Paulie’s World

Diary entry: The sky was on fire with flaming iniquity, a man approached Paulie and asked how he feels when they are out of his chocolate donuts at his favorite pastry shop, Paulie answered, “Like burning gall, it feels like burning gall”… Diary entry: A little advice from Paulie to you young ones out there, the world is an evil woman, do not become attracted to her ways, she has ways, and her ways will lead you astray, yes, the woman’s ways will lead you to a depraved state of being, her ways should not be your ways, this is just a heads up from Paulie, choose a path out of town and go, otherwise stay, and allow the wicked woman to devour you right down to your socks, she will chew straight through your gristle, yes, stay in this sick, twisted, bowel obstruction of a town and she will brand you, she will brand you deep, she will leave deep brand scars within your meat, until you become like so much offal that is dropped on the streets after the horse and buggy parade they have in commemoration of the dead… Diary entry: Discipline, there’s not enough discipline these days for the youngsters, Paulie’s first born son began sassin’ his daddy again today, Paulie slapped him hard three times across his face and told him that even though his daddy loved him, he’d throw his bastard ass out on the street just as he had done his mother, yeah, our children need discipline, but the right kind… Diary entry: The book of Revelation, the New Testament book that so many people study, hey, if it’s revelation these wacko’s want, I’ll revelate them some shit marbles they can take home in the jelly bean bag they call a brain, drop some fudge you candy ass dirt peddlers, you are over weighted, you have been carrying around Candy Land’s porta potties too long, you are under the heavy yoke dumb asses, haven’t you yet heard of the light yoke, well, it’s not up to me to bring sight to the blind, or to the stupid retards who revel in blindness, why I’ll… ANNOUNCEMENT! ANNOUNCEMENT! SITUATION RED ANNOUNCEMENT!, we interrupt this “Diary”, the previous “Diary” entries are not necessarily the thoughts or beliefs of the management here at “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary”, we have been experiencing a painful turnover in writing staff, we can’t seem to get any good mainstream writers, they all seem to come with a heavy chip on their shoulders, we, the management apologize for any misunderstanding about recent entries, we have embarked here on a new hiring drive, we have flyers out advertising the need for aspiring young writers who can last longer than their first pencil, so, again, apologies to all who have been in any way maligned or offended, we will correct the problem, so please don’t flee “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary”, we promise softer, more cushy, and more loving entries in the near future… “Hey! Get back here! You’re fired!” “Put down that coffee pot you deviant!”, well, being the boss is never easy, this is Paulie, heading to the liquor cabinet in his office, to fix a large martini and fill out more discharge forms, Paulie says to all, as he takes a large gulp, “Whoa that burns”, shalom…


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