The Found One

Diary entry: “The Found One”, they called Paulie the found one, he had been lost in the high desert country of Oregon for weeks, almost out of his mind with thirst and hunger, a small band of travelers found young Paulie on the verge of death, they took him back to camp, gave him water, and told him to eat, but the birds on the campfire were strange looking, what kind of birds could these men be roasting on what appeared to be a demonic campfire brought out of hell itself on a burning tree branch of death, Paulie recalled the words of a wise old man, “Paulie, don’t ever consume the meat of the raven”, “The souls of men reside within the raven”, “Do not consume the raven or you will consume the dead souls of men”, well, Paulie hated the idea of consuming dead souls of men, a particularly pretty lady, she reminded Paulie of some one’s aunt, you know, the one who always baked cookies for the neighborhood kids, even when they got in trouble for pelting old Mr. Kumpher’s house with mud balls, anyway, Paulie fought the large spoon she held to Paulie’s mouth, Paulie would never let the souls of dead men touch his lips, she continually said “Paulie. you’ve got to eat”, “We need to bring the fever down”, well, sometimes Paulie gets a bit out of control when he is in his regular mind, but when he has been lost for a certain period of time in the high desert country and a fever is on him, Paulie can do some damage to those around him, anyway, everything was kind of a mistake, Paulie had actually been in his own bed with a bad case of flu, the lady who tried to feed Paulie was his mother, and the raven she tried to spoon feed him was, in reality, chicken soup, please accept a word of caution from Paulie, never over react, you may not know what is real and what isn’t real, you could only be dreaming all this, well, this is Paulie, saying his love is real, and he does care, shalom, (I think)…


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