The Last Drink

Diary entry: Hey, Paulie here with a little heads up, don’t drink that last drink, no, it is the last drink that gets you in trouble, the last drink is the bad one, please allow Paulie to explain to the less than illuminated ones of you out there, it is always the last drink that kicks you, makes you do something that people will bitch about to you the next day, whether it is not kissing your wife’s best friend bride at her wedding reception after the toast, but instead kissing her during the ceremony, when the religious guy in the strange caftan says kiss the bride, yeah, this is real life my friend, Paulie has seen it all and he wants you to see it too, there are things in this world that we cannot see, but Paulie’s words are here for you, please, do one thing for yourself, just one lousy thing that can change your very existence, your very mind, and quite possibly, your very soul, yes, gaze upon Paulie’s words, see Paulie, view Paulie, we here at “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” are here, we are available, we are gentle and humane, we desire to fix you of your old broken down ideas, we want to repair your cracked and weathered brain, we only want to caulk around your leaky skull where strange and stupid ideas are leaking in, allow Paulie and his staff to plug up your stupid head which is hanging open and allowing every form of bullshit to seep in, you have become what we brain plumbers refer to as a “shit head”, now listen up, we have tools to fix you, but you must want to be fixed, we will not waste our valuable plumbing time sealing up cracks while more cracks become opened, no, if your boat is dry rotted, then we cannot, nor will we, help you, you are gone, your destination is the bottom of the sea…


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