Paulie’s Town Belongs to Paulie

Diary entry: There are dirty and murderous coyote’s here on the plains who intend on entering Paulie’s town, they will eat up the town, eat right through the gristle, then, wipe their dirty lips on the pretty skirts of Paulie’s fair city, well, Paulie is here to teach manners, when these cads are done with their meal, Paulie is gonna scrub the pots and pans with their heads, Paulie is teaching a class on table manners, anyone in the class that fails will receive a manner of punishment you don’t want, you will all receive cooking thermometers and your assignment will be to measure the temperature in hell… Diary entry: Yeah, they come in like flies, they swarm in and they land on Paulie’s sweet apple pie city, they lick on it with dirty lips, well, Paulie is the fly swatter and he is gonna flap, flap in ways never seen, Paulie says to the diseased and rotten vermin of the city, “Fly or die”, yes, shoo you bastards, or face Paulie’s never ending vengeance… Diary entry: Paulie had some great new “Diary” entries to make, cutting edge, never heard of before stuff, stuff that would have made your old Grandma jump out of her wheel chair, shake her fists, and scream curse words to the very heavens, but a snag came up, yes, Paulie has shelved tomorrow’s “Diary” entries, they will not go out to the world, what happened was, Paulie’s peer group says that Paulie is way off base and that if he doesn’t cut his lead, somebody is gonna “pick Paulie off”, it is distressing that Paulie’s peer group would say such things as most of Paulie’s peer group has been incarcerated in either prison or the seventh floor of the old hospital, anyway, Paulie has listened and there will be nothing but more mainstream ideas and beliefs here in the near future, yes, Paulie will stay close to the bag but he is always ready to run… Diary entry: “Leaky gut” syndrome, is that where you have to change your underwear, I may have it, anyway, following a guy in a car when a guy in a car is following him, and you’re trying to follow both, is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you suspect you’re being followed… Diary entry: Well, as the rain subsides and the sky begins to open, Paulie is heading out to gaze up at the stars in the heavens to sit and wonder, this is Paulie out at the limit of the city, wishing you shalom…


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