Paulie’s Rethoughts

Diary entry: Please allow Paulie to rethink, it is quite possible that Paulie has been walking the trail backwards, yes, the reason Paulie believed he was not lost is because he was walking backwards to where he had already been, Paulie evidently, was not on the path forward, the true path forward that leads back in time to the truth, the only truth, the plain, easily understood truth, the truth at the beginning, well, Paulie has turned himself around and he is now going in some direction or another, Paulie no longer watches the compass, as the compass was made by man, Paulie needs no compass, he is on the path home, and Paulie doesn’t care where the sun rises or where it sets, the moon illuminates Paulie when he needs light, when the moon is absent, Paulie doesn’t need it… Diary entry: Paulie here, we have hired on another new young person who desires to write here at the “Diary”, a sassy, brash, and much outspoken rebellious spirit, who grew up in the depths of this depraved world, he has much to say to anyone who will listen, he reminds me of a young Paulie, when Paulie was still young, cute, quiet and shy, when the older ladies hugged him and told him that everything was gonna be alright, then gave him a stick of gum and blessed him, yeah, this new guy could be a real firecracker, hopefully not like the last few writers who were such firecrackers that they burned down carefully crafted relationships that had been cultivated for years, fine old well established relationships went up in smoke after a few anti-religious rantings on, well, we won’t go back into it, let’s just say that people love their religions and their religious beliefs, and these young writers haven’t yet learned to keep some of their thoughts quiet, now, some may ask “Why can’t an old rodeo rider like Paulie keep his broncos in line”, well, please allow Paulie to say that he has gotten older and slowed down some, he can’t chase down these younger writers as he once could, no, this new breed doesn’t seem to be tamable, they write as they see it, yes, the writing world has changed my friend, we are no longer reading fairy tales, no, today it’s all about “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary”, leave your fairy Candy Land shit behind, climb into your Cotton Candy Car, pull it out of your Fudge Paved Candy Ass Driveway, wipe the chocolate pudding from your eyes, and head over here, to “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary”, we have things to tell you, we have things to say…


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