Thoughts From The City Limit

Diary entry: Now when Fernando died, I died, I didn’t die as much as Fernando died, as he died a lot, I only died a little, I only kinda died, he really died, it’s not easy to explain, let’s just leave it at that… Diary entry: Do you pet owners not realize that the food you buy for your little guy or gal consists of other people’s dead pets, you are feeding your best friend other people’s dead best friends man, just so you know… What the hell do you think is done with hundreds of thousands of tons of dead animals anyway, you think they take them to some mountain top somewhere and sing a stupid song during a goddamned religious ceremony for Christ’s sake, the whole pet food industry is dependent on dead pets, you didn’t think they were out there raising sheep and cattle for a dumb ass cat did you, that sweet dog of yours has the souls of enumerable animals living within it, if you ever believed the family dog had many personalities, you now know why, there are spirits of strange dead pets living in your house, Paulie says “Get your pet off commercial feed”, buy our “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” special, pure, organic pet food blends, our blends are so pure you can pour yourself a bowl and enjoy right along with Fido, we have a guarantee, if you are not satisfied, go to hell…


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