They Called Us Desperado’s

Diary entry: They called us desperado’s, we called ourselves rebels, we would live free or we would die free, we had jumped ship, we mutinied the wicked slave ship of conformity on which we had been shanghaied before we could even spell the word, we swam ocean currents that would drown the average guy, we fought the harsh sun, the raging sea water that lapped at our nostrils, we fended off sharks of every kind, we kept on, we persevered, we kept our goal forever in our sight, we made it to a faraway deserted island, an island totally devoid of the common scum of the earth, an island wilderness which offers peace and security, Canvas City, Canvas was a distant memory, Canvas City was a Midwestern town full of stockyards of cattle and stock people, we couldn’t distinguish between the cattle and the inhabitants of the growing town, we were young and growing also but we vowed we would never grow into cattle people, people who were not men, but simply animals conformed into some figurative men, yes, they were men only in the figurative sense, we escaped that dusty, dirty cattle town, Canvas City, to go west, west where the country was open and men could live and breathe free… Diary entry: Oh geez, where did it all go wrong, so terribly wrong, it’s just all so wrong, how did things deteriorate so fast, so far, Paulie just can’t go on anymore, there is a time for everything and it is time for Paulie to give up, there is no future, there is nothing, there is nothing nowhere, Paulie has no home, they say “home is where the heart is”, Paulie’s home doesn’t seem to be in this earth, as his heart is not here, it seems the time has come for Paulie to close up the “Diary” and move on down the trail… Diary entry: It was the year 2019, a dark summer night, danger was everywhere, lurking, yes, lurking like a kid lurks around Grandma’s cookie jar, fear was everywhere in the air, it was palpable, when out of the blackness emerged a young “Diary” maker, young and handsome, with a swagger-like attitude and a stare like twin lasers, a cutting no-nonsense look, a look men could not return, a look women could not look away from, yes, Paulie will not quit the “Diary”, Paulie will carry on, he will persevere, he will once again regale, inform, insult, and piss off people everywhere, yes, Paulie is here to stay… Diary entry: Now Paulie’s purpose is to softly and gently lure birds out of their prison cages to freedom, freedom is not at all comfortable or inviting to imprisoned slave birds, Paulie knows… Yes, Paulie is so tired, Paulie still walks for now, he is still on the path but it is so hard for Paulie, Paulie falters constantly, fun was fun while it was fun but it is no longer fun…


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