Thoughts From The Wine Cellar

It was late fall, we were on the 1:00 AM train to Anytown, any town the train was going to, we boarded the train at the curve over the river where it had to slow down, when one of the boys back then said they had to catch a train, they really meant it, anyway, like fleas trying to catch a ride on a charging elk, we caught our sweet ride in thick fog that loomed over the night like our juvenile records loomed over our chances of ever getting a decent job, I don’t know if it was Benny’s mother’s Halleluyah Honeydew wine, Sancho’s cigarettes, or the clack, clack, clack of the iron wheels on the softly meandering snake-like steel trail through a country we had grown up in but hardly knew, anyway, we were all feeling mellow, we were mellow like marshmallows floating in Grandma’s hot cocoa on the coldest day of winter, hang on a minute, someone is at the door… Why is it that the neighborhood ladies all come to Paulie with their problems, if Paulie could solve problems he would solve his own, Paulie cannot offer solutions, Paulie can only offer himself… Diary entry: Plans, every murderer has plans, plans he must keep hidden, and the plans of this murderer must be hidden somewhere within this Panda Express, yes, something is buried here, something evil and destructive, Paulie will dig this thing up, this rotten thing that has been buried here, for whatever is buried, Paulie’s shovel will uncover, don’t venture far from “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” as things are about to boil over, Paulie’s burner is on high and he is about to cook a murderer… Diary entry: The sun had long since passed through it’s western gate, the night was darker than usual, darker and more dangerous, Paulie was relying on one thing, that a dark and dangerous night might bring forth and reveal a dark and dangerous murderer, yes, this would be the night, it had to be… Late evening, Panda Express, steam escaped when the kitchen door swung open, a very pretty, dark haired Oriental lady emerged from the cloud carrying a platter, I figured it was a platter of death about to be served up hot on a squealing rat who couldn’t be trusted, who had to be silenced, this would only complicate Paulie’s murder investigation, Paulie ordered Saki and tried to numb his senses as this whole thing is taking it’s toll, Paulie is a fighter, but even the best and hardiest fighter, when having taken too many punches, will eventually be laid out flat on his face, Paulie’s face is no stranger to the floor… Yeah, the duck on the platter was dead, just like this rat was gonna be… Diary entry: This “under hydrated” thing, they say “keep hydrated”, Paulie thinks he may have over hydrated, Paulie will return to the “Diary” at a later date… Diary entry: Paulie woke up this morning with his face stuck to the bathroom floor, this doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad day or a good day, no, Paulie greets every day the same… Diary entry: Ooohh, unngh, Paulie just woke up in the back seat of his vehicle at an abandoned industrial park outside the city, somebody broke Paulie’s chop sticks as he was leaving Panda Express last night… Diary entry: The fantasy world we live in is a beautiful woman, a waving sea of pleasure, but the real world we live in is an ugly witch, dry like the desert, this is a new feature here at the “Diary”, witty sayings Paulie has heard over the years from friends, wise old sages, and the guy who hangs out by the dumpster behind the liquor store…


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