A Note From Paulie

Diary entry: Okay, it’s late, just got home from a spiritualist meeting, yeah, there was this lady who performed as a medium, a bridge if you will, between the living and the dead, and she dealt out tarot cards to all of us in the circle, now she may be able to talk to the dead but her interpretation of the tarot cards was all wrong, way off, her interpretations were straight out of the paperback book that comes with the deck of cards, anyone with the least bit of psychic awareness knows that the little book they put in with the cards is only intended for the dumbed down masses, it is basically bullshit, to wit, she dealt me the red blood queen card and said it was the queen of hell who was about to visit me, I knew she was a fake because in true occult circles the red blood queen card is known as the bitch card and she has already visited me, so well, I don’t know, the lady was at the very least, half fake, but she did wear some very cool clothes, yeah, she did look awesome… Diary entry: My dog Smudge really hates me, we aren’t getting along since the vet did his last colonoscopy, Smudge has been crapping in my shoe for the past two weeks, it wouldn’t be so bad but he is on a restricted diet, no dry dog food, only the wet stuff, anyway, the only time Smudge hops up on my lap is when he has to fart, then he jumps right back down, the vet says all I can do is love him, but geez, it is so difficult, especially with the problems the other two animals have, well, I guess we persevere the best we can, Paulie says to all, carry on, keep the hood ornament pointed straight forward, careful on the gas pedal, and pray to that little plastic woman figurine that is still on the dashboard of your dead Grandma’s automobile you fuckin’ loser you, stop driving your poor dead Grandma’s car and get a goddamned job for Christ’s sake, well, this is Paulie shouting loud to anyone with ears to hear, “Wake up you fucking retard”, shalom…


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