First Week of September, Out Here In Paulie’s World

Diary entry: Please allow Paulie to apologize to whomever apologies are due, Paulie has been thinking, when Paulie looks around he sees ugliness and horror, but is Paulie seeing some kind of reflection, a reflection of his life, is Paulie seeing his own reflection and he is blaming it on someone else, Paulie may never know, but as Paulie watches the night sky, he wonders, is it the world, or is it me… Diary entry: Excuse me, I just spilled my “Skunk In The Hole”, a little concoction I created from what is left in the root cellar and liquor cabinet, it hasn’t yet become a hit with the ladies but who knows, anyway, the reason for this latest “Diary” entry is this, hold on, someone is at the door… Okay, dig this, Paulie has been receiving bids from contractors, yeah, Paulie is having a moat dug around his house, it’s to keep sales people away, here’s how it will work, when the sales person from the “Mr. Dumbass Sales Corporation” rings the door bell, the plank walkway opens up and the guy drops into the moat, it’s ingenious, don’t worry, the water isn’t gonna be that deep, maybe thirty feet… Diary entry: Okay, where were we, oh yeah, a wise old one armed fisherman once told a young Paulie, never put all your worms on the hook, you might lure in something big that wants to eat you, anyway, Paulie feels like the only minnow in the Sea World Ocean Predator aquarium tank on Labor Day weekend, Paulie doesn’t get a moment’s rest, well, Paulie is about to duck into the Coral Lounge for a smoke and a drink, hide out from the world a while, so, to all the small minnows out there, keep your fins flipping, keep your nose pointed straight ahead, and keep the faith, we are all together in this thing, shalom… Diary entry: The second week in possibly the last September we will enjoy, I remember Colton, Colton wasn’t his real name, we called him that because he had found an old rusted Colt derringer while we were digging in the ground behind the old brewery, Colton cleaned up his find and he stole some bullets from Shankman’s auntie, who was certified as some thing or another, anyway, Colton became the referee, umpire, official, of every ball game, hockey game, every croquet match, anything that took a judge, whenever there was an argument, Colton stepped up and made his decision, he would pull his Colt derringer out of his pocket, fire it into the air, and give his decision, yeah, I guess back in those days, Colton prevented trouble, trouble that seemed to hover over us like the very air we breathed… Diary entry: May Paulie say that he is pleased with some of the responses he has received from readers, not many, but a few, most of you still hate Paulie, but oh well, anyway, where were we, Paulie’s train of thought just jack knifed in the middle of the tunnel, it may be lost, yeah, that thought bit the dust like a fat man bites into the plate of hot dogs at the carnival eating contest and the prize is a year’s supply of pork chops, well, Paulie needs to retreat into the root cellar, the liquor cabinet, and then the den, for a smoke and a drink, to collect his thoughts, trust this my friends, Paulie will return with a vengeance you have never known, don’t go far, Paulie’s anger will burn if he has to chase you down, shalom…


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