Early September, Late Evening

Diary entry: Hey everybody, today started out like a cow crapping in the barnyard and I was the barnyard, allow me to explain, I was at my laptop drinking the rest of yesterday’s coffee and eating a gas station cinnamon bun when the ferret lady from across the street came to my door, look, if I had empty beer cans in my yard, I wouldn’t go bitching to the neighbors, anyway, then, my last golf ball went through Edna’s window next door, I still haven’t paid her for the last broken window and she seems impatient that Paulie pay up, Paulie fears she may want more than money, but if that weren’t enough, the day just worsened, I must say, when Paulie was a young and cute child, the older ladies loved him, they were always giving young Paulie treats, little cakes, candy, and kisses on his head, what the hell happened over the last sixty years, today old Paulie is reviled among the neighborhood widow ladies, they treat Paulie as if he were the barnyard and they were cows that gotta go… Diary entry: Paulie has been on the trail for so long, trekking, searching for his way back home, the place he came from, before he became so lost, Paulie desires to see the warm candle light through the tent windows, out there, somewhere, in the darkness, Paulie doesn’t want to give up but he is so tired, Paulie will continue on and he will get back up when he stumbles, Paulie’s eyes are still focused on the path ahead, well, this is Paulie, out here on the trail somewhere, wishing you all shalom… Diary entry: “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” is centrally located, we are easily found, when you do find us, please stay, we desire your company, we have stories to tell…


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