Late Evening Diary Entry

September 23, 2019 Diary entry: Now Paulie has never made any secret of his animosity towards psychiatrists, anyway, during an especially intense session in which we had made headway into areas better left unexamined, well, Paulie’s therapist went out his seventh floor office window; when the cops arrived, Paulie said it looked like suicide… Diary entry: Now Paulie has heard these words before, “Don’t ever come back”, uh, spoken at family get togethers, dinners, funerals, the cub scout troop’s annual summer camp-out that turned into a small riot and the local cops had to break it up because the fire department couldn’t get to the fire, anyway, this diary entry is more about the people who lived across the crick back in the old days, yeah, people who were different, different in every way, there was a shallow part of the crick where they would cross in the fall of the year when our harvest festival was in full swing, now, we on the west side of the crick, we fought among ourselves all year long, but when the east side crick people threatened our way of life we came together as one and we fought as one… Diary entry: I was working security out of a small Midwestern town, two witnesses of a crime that had taken place last week entered the office, their attorney said they had stuff to hide but they wanted to try and identify a murder suspect, I told them that my job was to solve murder investigations and I didn’t care if they were in the country illegally or if they beat their mothers every other Sunday after church service, I had murder crimes to solve and I was gonna solve them, I thanked them for their information and assured them our conversation would remain confidential, I never relied too much on witnesses, my job is to solve murders, and I bring justice down on whoever gets in the way, the hammer of justice will fall on some one, somewhere, somehow, yes, justice Paulie-style will rain down on a scumbag somewhere, Paulie’s rain will wash this bastard out, wash him out like the garden hose washes out the stray cat underneath the back porch, Paulie will flush out a murderer on this very night… Diary entry: Hey, Paulie here, feeling a bit under the weather, too many squid and Saki’s last night down at the Floating Fish Bar and Grill, it was All You Can Eat Night, the squid were flowing like there was no tomorrow, we all drank Saki like a school of squid drinks in sea water during low tide, anyway, this latest murder investigation is eating me up, I wished I’d never taken on this job, but I had, and I would see it through if it killed me, yes, I was in it up to my knees, I would wade this thing no matter how deep the muck got, I would wade out this murderer in the muck until we were up to our necks and one of us would die, one of us would take our last breath underneath this deep dark, stinking muck hole of hatred and loathing…


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