Paulie’s House, Out On The Avenue

Diary entry: The cricket in the house sounds like he has a sore throat, anyway, things have been pretty sparse around here these days, not a crumb falls from Paulie’s table, a mouse crawled on his belly towards where Paulie was seated, looked up, opened his mouth, and I swear he said “fuck you”… Diary entry: Some scientist guy on PBS was saying the ball earth is tilting more and more on it’s axis, I am inclined to agree with him, society looks like it is tilted all out of whack… Diary entry: Well, the whole writing staff and their families and friends are here at “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” backyard holiday “No Labor Day” blowout blast, we have wine, corn chips, and checkered cloth on the table, it is truly a great day to be alive out here on the avenue… Diary entry: Some people have referred to Paulie as being only a slick salesman, that isn’t true, Paulie’s only motive is to get his toe in the door of your mind, open up your door, Paulie has a free gift for you, c’mon, lets get involved, involved in a brand new thing, truth, lets begin a relationship like you’ve never known, stay here with Paulie’s “Diary” and live a new life, Paulie promises that if you read him, you will become reborn, you will think differently, you will act differently, and you may start dressing differently, yeah, dump the raggedy shirts, the baggy pants with the one brown polka dot on the rear, lose that stupid puppet haircut, wash your hands and come sit at Paulie’s table, scoot your chair up close, sit up straight, get your elbows off the table, and eat all Paulie’s words, yes, Paulie wants you to eat…


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