Late August in an obscure midwestern state

Diary entry: Please allow Paulie to apologize in advance, he has had a few martinis and he has been wailing, wailing into a most desolate night, Paulie has been wailing like a gut shot coyote wails loud in the fading moonlight, yes, Paulie wails loud on this night, “In this whole stinkin’, rotten world, I wanna be some goddamned body!”, I don’t want nuthin’ but to be some goddamned body, any goddamned body, if I could get a brand new car or something, I could be some damn body, driving around in a brand new shiny car with the top down in the middle of winter because I am so cool, yeah, I’m an ice cube and I’m in my own special cocktail of awesomeness, yes, Paulie is awesome, see him drive down the block in his new shiny convertible top automobile in the middle of winter, the top down, and Paulie is as cool as can be… Diary entry: Some people say Paulie doesn’t get it, well, Paulie gets it, Paulie’s got it, and you can have it too, ask how… Diary entry: Paulie woke up today to the most glorious Monday morning, Paulie was gonna start a whole new type of existence, live anew, in a new day, then Paulie found out it was actually Friday night, blew the whole new day thing… Diary entry: We were hanging out in the field behind the old knitting mill, bitching about how Johnny’s dad had switched cigarette brands, we liked the brand he used to smoke and his new brand blew, we all knew it blew, why didn’t Johnny’s dad, we had lost some of the respect we had for Johnny’s dad, he was still the coolest dad in the neighborhood but our world had changed, was the neighborhood changing, and would we have no choice but to change with it, was there no alternative but to go as the neighborhood goes, were we on some ship, were we captives of some dark, devious voyage, a voyage we could not escape, must we go as the neighborhood goes, oh woe is us, our short little burst of freedom to be snuffed out by a wicked slave ship of conformity, conform or die… Diary entry: Paulie must say something here about honor, honor among colleagues, enemies, opponents, it doesn’t matter, I’m speaking of mud ball fights, the mud ball wars of nineteen fifty eight, fifty nine, clean battles carried out as cleanly as can be expected, then corruption set in, pure ugly corruption, the mud balls somehow became more than just mud, they became “mud” balls, yes, the sweet innocence of simple mud wars became a more dirty conflict, we were all facing a new “mud” ball weapon, the new “mud” ball was born out of some deep down hatred inspired by Johnny’s dad changing cigarette brands, the place was falling apart, descending into chaos, Johnny’s dad had caused a dark cloud of “mud” balls to storm over us all… may the mothers help us…


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